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ARC Review: Mythology: The Eternal by Helen Boswell

Title: Mythology: The Eternal
Author: Helen Boswell
Series: Mythology #3
Genres: YA, Romance, Paranormal
Publication: May 8th 2015 

Summary (Goodreads): 

Book three of the Mythology series.

Self-preservation, above all. That’s the credo by which guardian Jonathan Draper justifies his existence. Or at least it was until he found Hope Gentry. Backed by the powers of his beloved Hope and his most loyal guardian Raleigh Peyton, Jonathan should have enough influence to save his sector from destruction. But Buffalo is plagued by guardian unrest and increasing threats from the city’s most evil entities, and Jonathan is stripped of all authority.

Never harm a soul. That’s the credo by which the members of the demon alliance live. Micah Condie has trouble fitting in, and it doesn’t help that he has enough power to set anyone he touches on fire. He can’t return home until he cancels out the debt he owes the most powerful immortals. But when he uncovers an eighteen-year old secret that rocks the foundation of his existence, Micah has no choice but to go back home. Now not only must he placate the immortals, but he must face an uncertain future with his girlfriend Hope Gentry, reconcile with the family he abandoned, and finally settle the score with Jonathan Draper.

Someone is masterminding a plot to destroy all of the guardians and human souls in existence. Only if Jonathan and his most unlikely ally, Micah, can join forces will they be able to save them.

The fate of all depends on the will of one: THE ETERNAL. 

My Thoughts:

**An eARC was provided by author in exchange of an honest review**

When I read the first book of this series, I really liked it. But as I continued reading the rest of the books in this series, I found myself falling in love with them. This series has taken a place on my all-time favourite series list and I'm very sad it's over.

This book kicked ass, and I mean serious ass. From the first chapter, and the action was in full swing. Told from the alternating POVs of Jonathan and Micah, The Eternal had a lot to tell in each chapter. I'm a huge Jonathan fan, been in love with him since the first book, and I always wanted to know more about him, like everything really, and in this book, I finally got my wish. There was so much about Jonathan that was revealed in this book, and it left me gaping at the pages in surprise. I loved everything about him, and I found my heart aching for him every time he had a flashback. Being in his head and seeing the how and why behind everything in his life was great and I loved every second of it. He still is my fave guy, though Micah came a close second. 

In the first book, I didn't like Micah much. I wasn't his biggest fan, but in the second book he redeemed himself and in this book, he made me fall in love with him. Micah went through a lot in his life, and as this series went on, the development and change to his character was noticeable. I loved seeing him grow up and mature and take charge of himself and accept life as it was. He really grew in this book, and seeing him become a man and a leader really did it for me. I found myself cheering him on even as I bit my nails at all the things he went through. 

I love the plot of this series. It's always been interesting and it keeps getting better and better with every chapter and book. From the start of this book, I was hooked and pulled back into the word of Mythology, with Guardians and Demons and everything in between. In this book, the action was happening on two different fields, and I loved seeing it coming all together to one huge plot twist that had me on the edge of my seat, baiting my nails and close to finding a corner to rock in. 

As much as I loved the ending of this series, I have to say, I'm sad to say goodbye to it and the characters I've come to love so much. I think a reread is in order soon.

For anyone looking for a series that will have you at the edge of your seat, close to loosing your mind, this is for you. 


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  1. Hello Aseel!! Thank you very much for sharing this amazing review!! As always I love how you write! And thanks to you I am reading the first book in this beautiful series and I am literally LOVING it!!! Kisses from Italy!!!!