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Blog Tour: Out of Plans by Stylo Fantome (Review + Giveaway)

Hi, people! This week, one of my most awaited books came out and oh my gosh, guys, this book is just absolutely amazing! Out of Plans is the sequel to Best Laid Plans by Stylo Fantome (review here) and it's just as mazing as the first book! The author is doing something amazing,  she's having a poll on her Facebook page for readers to vote on which scene they would like to see in another character’s POV! So head over here to cast your vote! 


* Find Marc

* Don’t find Marc

* Take down a Russian Bratva boss

* Don’t have sex with Kingsley

* Find Marc

* Take down a Colombian drug lord

* Don’t fall for Marc again


* Kill every –




This is the story of what happens when best laid plans fail, and a vengeful woman is forced to find her own way once again. A bond broken, trust shattered, and too many lies to keep track of find Marc and Lily all out of plans and running out of time. Can they find their way back to each other before trouble finds them first, or is it really the end of their journey?

If this NOVEL were a MOVIE, it would have an R rating from the MPAA. Contains: Violence, Grisly Images, Strong Language, Nudity, and Graphic Sexual Content.

♥ Book 1 - Best Laid Plans ♥

My Thoughts:

When I finished Best Laid Plans, the first book in this series, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the sequel. Best Laid Plans was one of my favourite reads, and it had everything I look for in books. A hot a-holish alpha male, a strong heroine who can dish back as hard as she gets and hot sex. After how it ended, I knew the second book was going to be packing tons of action and angst. I couldn't have been more right. 

Out of Plans follows Lily as she deals with the fact that Marc left, she has nowhere to go and her revenge plan has not been executed yet. Angry and heartbroken, she turns to Kingsley Law. He's the one who believed, unlike Marc, that she belongs in their world and he has no problem with training her to fit in. Lily still plans to get her revenge, but the stakes are higher this time, and there's more to lose. 

This book played havoc on my emotions. There is no doubt that I love Marc. He's a class A jerk, no denying that, but he cares about Lily more than he lets on and he's ready to die for her. His way of showing this however, is a very bad one and if I had been in Lily's place, I would've done the same thing she did. It's what I love about them and their relationship. They are compatible in every way and they can take whatever the other throws their way. This kept me glued to the pages, soaking up their not very traditional relationship. Then there is Kingsley, the mysterious mercenary whom we all love. There is more of him in this book, he is as mysterious as ever, but his badassery hit another level. 

Just like in Best Laid Plans, this book was filled with action and there was not one moment where something huge wasn't happening. The twists and turns kept me up until very late hours of the night, absorbing as much as I could. Lily has grown a lot since the first book. She's more badass, she knows and understands the business better and  her plans are a lot more dangerous this time around. She's the one who's going to drive this plan home and there's no stoping her. Her emotions and attraction to Marc are things she struggled with, because forgiving him or trusting him could destroy everything, including her, but there is no denying how dangerous the two of them together are. Or how hot. Because we all know, if there is one thing Lily and Marc are best at together, it's having sex with each other. And holy all things dangerous, the two of them burned hotter this time around. I'm talking the kind of hot that made me blush and giggle and swoon. I honestly could not get enough of this book.  

This book is a true Stylo Fantome masterpiece. I'm a huge fan of this woman and there's absolutely nothing she could write that I wouldn't read. She isn't afraid to go past the traditional and acceptable lines, and there's always something fresh and unique and dark and taboo in her books. Out of Plans is for those who want something a bit darker, more action-filled and a lot meaner than other books out there. 

About the Author:

Crazy woman living in an undisclosed location in Alaska (where the need for a creative mind is a necessity!), I have been writing since ..., forever? Yeah, that sounds about right. I have been told that I remind people of Lucille Ball - I also see shades of Jennifer Saunders, and Denis Leary. So basically, I laugh a lot, I'm clumsy a lot, and I say the F-word A LOT.

I like dogs more than I like most people, and I don't trust anyone who doesn't drink. No, I do not live in an igloo, and no, the sun does not set for six months out of the year, there's your Alaska lesson for the day. I have mermaid hair - both a curse and a blessing - and most of the time I talk so fast, even I can't understand me.

Yeah. I think that about sums me up.

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