Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Night Date with Micah from Mythology

Hi, guys and welcome to a new blog feature called Friday Night Date! This feature will be hosted once a month on a Friday, here on In My Secret -Book- World were I will be interviewing one of our most loved book boyfriends.

This month, my date is Micah from the Mythology Trilogy by Helen Boswell. I don't usually like nice guys, but there a few of them, and he tops that list. Check out our date below and you'll find yourself falling for him too.

Hello, Micah and welcome to In My Secret –Book- World! I'm so happy to have you here, and I can't wait to get to know you better, though be warned, I ask lots of… let's say unusual, questions. 

Thanks for having me over on your blog! *hands you flowers* 

Describe yourself in five words. 

Demon with a good heart

Tell me one thing about you that I won't find out from just reading the Mythology books. 

I was junior hockey league MVP when I was a kid. Love hockey, but I don’t play much anymore. Hope says she’s glad because it means I’ll probably keep all of my teeth. *eye roll*

What's the first thing that drew you to Hope?

Her self-confidence. She went through a lot when she was younger because she was different, you know? But I could tell when I saw her that first day at school that she doesn’t care what people think about her.

Your life isn't easy, and I know there are some aspects of it you don’t like, so if for one day you could be anything you want, what would it be?

That’s a tough one. I bet you think I’m gonna say I wish I was a normal guy, but I grew up feeling more-or-less normal, until my transformation, so I know what that’s like. I guess I wish I could be a guardian for just one day, so I could know what Hope has to deal with. 

If you were into guys, which male celebrity would you get naughty with?

Ha! You are getting personal, aren’t you? Okay. Make it…Robbie Amell. He’s kinda hot ;)  

What's the one thing a girl can make the mistake of doing that would totally turn you off?

Be mean and petty to someone else. I hate that crap.

What is your most embarrassing moment? 

Probably when my big sister was using my apartment as the “model” to show prospective renters. She never let me know when she came over, and I was butt-naked when a couple of girls from Buffalo State came in to see “the apartment.”

Is there anything you've always wanted to do but haven't done? 

Travel overseas. I’ve never been to Europe. Any recommendations of where I should go first? ☺

What's the worst thing you've ever done to anyone? 

Send an innocent guy to the Underworld. Can’t get any worse than that.

What are you most afraid of?

That the control I have over my darkness will slip again someday. I can’t live with myself if I hurt anyone…again. 

We're close to the end of our date! If you have any question for me, now is the time, Micah, because next we're having a Quickie! 

My question for you is, if you could be any character in any of the Mythology books, who would it be and why? ☺
Hmm, since I really like Hope and I know how much you love her, I'll go with Jonathans love interest. I'd love to be his love. 

Suits or sweats?

Cars or bikes? 
Bikes - I assume you mean the motorcycle kind ;) 

Rain or snow? 

Rap or rock? 

Football or soccer? 

Blond or brunette? 

Dogs or cats? 
Dogs. Unless they bite.

NYC or LA? 

Thanks again, Micah! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! 

Totally. Thanks, Aseel! xoxo

For those of you who haven't met Micah before or read the Mythology book, you can enter the giveaway below to win the first book.

About the Book:
Book one of the Mythology series.

Hope Gentry doesn’t believe in Fate. Born with an unusual power to see the dark memories of those around her, Hope just wants to be a normal teenager. But on the first day of her senior year of high school, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to a transfer student named Micah Condie. At first glance, Micah seems like a boy that most girls would dream about. But when Hope's powers allow her to discover Micah's darkest secret, she quickly becomes entangled in the lives of mythical entities she never dreamed existed. Was this her destiny all along? And will her powers help her survive the evil of the Demon Impiorum? 

Mythology isn’t just for English class anymore.

About the Author:
Helen Boswell loved to get lost in the pages of a story from the time she could sound out the words. Originally from upstate New York, Helen spent much of her early adult life tromping around in Buffalo, NYC, Toronto, and Las Vegas, those cities now serving as inspiration for the dark and gritty urban backdrops of her stories. An author of both urban fantasy and contemporary romance, Helen loves to read and write characters that come to life with their beauty, flaws, and all.

Helen dedicates her time to raising her family of two boys, teaching college students, and of course, writing. 

Find out more about Helen at
Website | Goodreads | Facebook  | Twitter 


This giveaway is open internationally and will run until the 10th of October. First winner will be able to choose between a paperback copy of any book in the Mythology series, open internationally. A second winner will get signed book swag, US only.

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    1. Also, Helen is a great writer! Loved the Mythology book! :)

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