Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Night Date with Alex from Reason and Romance

Hi, guys and welcome to a new blog feature called Friday Night Date! This feature will be hosted every other Friday, here on In My Secret -Book- World were I will be interviewing one of our most loved book boyfriends.

This week, my date is Alex from Reason and Romance by Jenn Young. He's one of those guys you just love to hate, but really can't because he does these little things that make you melt. He's honest and blunt, which I just loved, and he had no problem in telling it like it is. Check out the full date below and you'll fall in love with him just like I did!

Me: Hello, Alex! Welcome to In My Secret -Book- World! I'm so happy you agreed to go on this date with me, there is so much I want to ask you about! There are many things about you that I just love, but what do you love about yourself? 

Alex: I’m the first to admit I’ve got a healthy ego, so, yeah, I love a lot of things about myself, but I’m not scared to approach a girl, even if she’s the hottest girl around. 

Me: You and Adrian were almost never on the same page, and you had many fights and misunderstandings, so if you went back in time, what is one thing you regret doing? 

Alex: Man, I don’t know why Adrian and I never got together … I’ve gone over it in my mind many times, and I’m pretty sure I did something wrong, but I can’t figure out what. Maybe I should have told her straight up that I wanted her. Or maybe … I don’t know, man. 

Me: What do you think a women's day is like? Would you ever want to be a female for one day? 

Alex: I think they spend the day just being themselves. As in, they’re hot and they’re perfect and they screw a guy’s mind. I like who I am, but if I could read a girl’s mind, maybe that’s worth being a girl for one day.

Me: What's a perfect day in the life of Alex Montgomery like?

Alex: I have a rep for banging girls left and right, but if you really know me, that’s not exactly what I do. I’m actually the happiest when I’m hanging out with my best friends and when I have the girl that I really want. 

Me: Considering how hot you are, which you already knew, I can only imagine what you looked like as a baby, but what were you like? Cute and adorable and following orders, which I seriously doubt, or a bad boy even then?

Alex: Well … to hear my mom say it, I was a devil, even then. But to hear my dad say it, I was great. I’ll let you decide what I was, but I’ll tell you what I am now. I’m a great guy to have on your side, and a bad enemy. 

Me: They say food is the way to a mans heart, so if decided to win you over with my culinary skills, what should I make you?

Alex: You can’t go wrong with a perfect burger and fries. 

Me: What's your guilty pleasure?

Alex: I don’t have guilty pleasures because what’s so guilty about pleasures? Isn’t life all about being happy and not giving a crap about it? 

Me: And since we're confessing, or you are, what is the worst thing somebody walked in on you doing?

Alex: Well … there might have been that time when a girl and I were getting a little “close” in school, if you know what I mean. And her father was a teacher, so he may or may not have caught us in the act. 

Me: This is strictly between the two of us and I totally won't share- that's a lie - if you could commit a crime and get away with it, what would it be?

Alex: I’d probably mind-wipe my parents and make them remember why they used to be in love, so they could get married again. But that’s just a daydream, and I don’t get too caught up in the “what-ifs.” 

Me: If you could get naughty with any celebrity, who would it be?

Alex: Nah, man. I’m not really down with celebrities. I just figure they’re pretty hyped up shits, and I don’t need that in my life. Okay, maybe I have a bit of a thing for Victoria’s Secret models… 

Me: What could this celebrity do to turn you on, and what should she/he avoid doing?

Alex: I’m a guy. There isn’t a lot you can do to turn me off, but if you backstab me or my friends or my family, that’s it. Game over. 

Me: And this is the end of the getting to know each other part! But before we move on to the quickies, this is your last chance to ask me anything, so go for it! 

Boxers or briefs?


Tea or coffee? 


Cars or women?  


Ice cream or chocolate? 


Pop or rock? 


Football or soccer? 


Reading or writing? 


Blond or brunette? 

Brunettes all the way

Alabama or LA? 


Leather or lace? 


Chicken or steak? 


Tub or shower? 


Me: Thank you so much for this amazing date, Alex! I hope I didn't exhaust you completely and that this was as much fun for you as it was for me! 

For those of you who haven't met Alex before or read Reason and Romance, you can find my review of it here and you can enter the giveaway below to win the book.

About Reason and Romance:
Being stuck in the godforsaken desert is Adrian Blake’s worst nightmare come true. Senior year is all about making fun memories. It’s not about starting over at a new school and navigating a new Brady Bunch family. It’s really not about living with a sexy, arrogant would-be stepbrother who knows how to push her buttons.

Alex Montgomery is the very definition of a player. The only thing he commits to is a one night stand. He’s exactly the kind of guy she hates­. When she sleeps with him, it’s the biggest mistake of her life. Now she can’t stop thinking about him. Not at school. Not at home.

Sometimes the best mistakes are the ones that you make over and over again…
About the Author:

Jenn Young writes primarily Young Adult and New Adult. She used to write contemporary teen drama and romance under the pen name Myrika at Fictionpress. She also used to write under the pen name Moreta. Jenn is an unabashed lover of romance, soap operas, and paranormal/supernatural stories.

When Jenn's not working at her day job, she drinks too much coffee and buys too many books. She loves to hear from readers. Contact her via her website,, or follow her on Twitter at myrikami. She can be found on Facebook too.


This giveaway will end August 13th, and will have two winners.
-First winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card, open internationally.
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