Thursday, July 16, 2015

ARC Review: Heart and Sole by Miranda Liasson

Title: Heart and Sole
Author: Miranda Liasson
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication: July 14h 2015 by Entangled Indulgence

Summary (Goodreads):
Getting even.
One step at a time...

Maddie Kingston just walked away from everything in order to take over her family's struggling shoe business. And she's in some serious trouble. The majority of the company's shares have been bought out by none other than Maddie's ex-boyfriend, self-made billionaire Nick Holter. Now Maddie needs his help...even if it means buying Nick from a charity bachelor auction.

After the Kingstons destroyed his grandfather's career, Nick vowed to take over their company. He's inches from victory when he finds himself bought and paid his sexy ex-girlfriend who's hell-bent on saving her family's company. Between their families' feud and their own unfinished business, tempers - and emotions - run hot. Too hot.

Because kissing with the enemy is a guaranteed shoe-in for trouble...

My Thoughts:

**An eARC was provided by publisher in exchange of an honest review**

I loved this book. It was a great read that kept me entertained all the time. Whether it was the off the charts sexual tension, a hero that I couldn't help but love and hate, or a strong heroine that didn't let anything stop her, this book had it all.

Heart and Sole starts off with Maddie buying Nick from a charity auction as a last ditch effort to save her family business from him. Their families have hated each other for over fifty years, and it was that same feud that broke them up years ago. Nick wants justice for what was done to his grandfather years ago, and Maddie wants to save her father and their legacy. There is too much bad blood between them, too many heartbreaks, yet they can't help their attraction to each other and soon, they find themselves struggling with more than just business, but something that could either make them, or break them all.

This book drew me in from the start. I couldn't help but want to read more, flip more pages and see what happens next. Maddie and Nick were both determined in their quest, and nothing was going to stop them from getting what they wanted. Emotions were running high from the first page as both MCs struggled with ignoring their attraction to each other and the old memories of their time together. I liked Maddie from the start. She was strong and loyal and her heart was in the right place, and even though a lot of people didn't belive she could save the family company, she still tried hard and didn't let anything stop her. Nick was another thing. I hated him in the first 30% of the book. He was a jerk and an asshole, and even though I understood that he wanted to pay back his grandfather for everything he'd done for him, I still hated him. I think it had more to do with how much I liked Maddie and how mean he was to her. When I hit the 40% mark, I started liking him and soon, I found myself actually loving him. He's strong and loves to be in control, but his determination to take over Maddies family company made him blind to many things. 

All in all, this was a great and cute story of a second-chance romance. If you're looking for a fun and a heartwarming summer read, this is the book for you. 


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