Monday, June 15, 2015

ARC Review: Hold Me by Anna Zaires

Title: Hold Me
Author: Anna Zaires
Series: Twist Me #3
Genres: Erotica, Romance, Contemporary
Pulication: June 9th, 2015

Summary (Goodreads):
Captor and captive. Lovers. Soulmates.

We’re all that and more.

We thought we were past the worst of it. We thought we finally had a chance.

We thought wrong.

We’re Nora and Julian, and this is our story.

***Hold Me is the conclusion of the Twist Me trilogy, told from Nora & Julian's point of view.***
My Thoughts:

**An eARC was provided by author in exchange of an honest review**

By now, you guys must how just how much I love dark romance books and just how obsessed I am with them. Hold Me is nothing if not the epitome of everything I love about the dark stuff. It's gritty and sexy and filled with so much action and surprises, it will keep you at the edge of your seat until the last word.

In the first book, Twist Me, I was so conflicted about my feelings for both characters. I loved and hated Julian and Nora at the same time. I really couldn't help my reaction, but I knew one thing. I wanted to keep reading. I wanted more. The second book somehow managed to mess up with my head even more. I was feeling horrified throughout the book, and when it eneded I was left in a daze. This book though, it made me feel things none of the previous books did. It made me swoon. Now usually swooning while reading a dark romance book would not be a good things, but in Hold Me, I found it a good thing. And I loved it. After what happenned in Keep Me, Julian is more possive and protective and generally more controlling than usual, and because Hold Me is told from both MCs POVs, it gave better insight on Julians feelings and thoughts and there were a few moments where he showed a somewhat softer side. Or as soft as Julian can get, but I loved the few glimpses of his feelings he showed. Mostly though, he was the sexy villan-hero we all love to hate and hate to love. He takes what he wants and he doesn't care what others think, and he's even more obsessed with Nora than ever before. This led to so many hot and steamy scene that I needed a fan while I was reading.

Julian wasn't the only one who showed a slight change in personality. Nora kicked ass in this book. I liked that she finally accepted the fact that shes changed and that the world she now lives in is a very bad and dangerous place. I liked her more in Hold Me than all the previous books, even though I got angry at her sometimes because of Julian.

While the threat of Al-Quadar is over, the real danger hanging over Nora and Julian's heads is their relationship and whether it can survive the hurdles in their way. In Hold Me, both will be tested, and they may not survive their feelings.

I devoured this book as soon as I got my hands on it. It starts right where Keep Me left off and we're taken on the ride as Julian and Nora deal with the aftermath of what Al-Quadar did. All the action kept me on my toes and I was biting my nails while reading. I was an emoional mess too. There were times when I got angry with Julian for the bad things he did to Nora and even angrier at her for letting him get away with them, even though I understood that their relationship is anything but normal. And  a few pages later, I'd feel bad for him, and there was something, I'm not saying what as to not spoil the book, that happened at around 70% of the book that had me sobbing. I honestly hadn't seen that coming, and it completely gutted me. I didn't know what I felt most of the time, honestly. I was crying one second, swooning the next, and then mad after that.

For anyone wanting to read something different, sexy and action-filled, I suggest you start this series. It's not for everyone, butif you don't get easily offended and can stand a relationship with a captor and captive, then this series is definetly for you.


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