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ARC Review: Forbidden Surrender by Priscilla West

Title: Forbidden Surrender
Author: Priscilla West
Series: Forever #1
Genres: NA, Contemporary, Romance
Publication: November 8th 2013

Summary (Goodreads):
“What gives you a thrill Kristen?”

The minute I saw Vincent Sorenson, I knew he was trouble. Billionaire. Bad boy. And dangerously sexy. He was everything I craved, and nothing I needed. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t just avoid him. The higher ups at my company decided they needed his business, and I was on the team to bring him in. Vincent Sorenson didn’t seem as interested in business as he was in me, but I knew that was a door better left unopened. If I got involved with him, it would only unearth the pain I spent years trying to bury.

I thought I had it under control, but I seriously underestimated Vincent’s seductive charm and silver-tongue. I would soon find out how delicious it would feel to let myself fall into this forbidden surrender.

My Thoughts:

**An eARC was provided in exchange of an honest review**

I've read quite a few books with rich heroes and a lot of them seem to be following the same skript. There was nothing new about this book, nothing I haven't read before.

Kristen and her boss are trying to land a new client, a very important one, so when they meet and sparks fly, Kristen knows things aren't goint to go well and she resists him, but Vincent isn't one for giving up and he'll do everything to get what he wants.

This book was short. It took very little time for me to read and was over before I realized it. Because of that, I didn't feel like I knew enough about the characters and they felt lacking in depth, thus, I couldn't connect with them. While I didn't hate them, I didn't love them either. I liked Vincent more than Kristen though. She didn't want to get in bed with a client, which I understood, but another part of her resistance was the abusive relationship she's been in previously with a rich guy which is why when she gave into Vincent so fast and with little doing on his part, I was very annoyed. There was, in simpler words, no real resistance on her part. I feel like a women who's been in that kind of relationship and is trying to avoid a rich guy, would hold out for longer than she did. She gave in too easily and they pretty much fell in love soon after they fell into bed. That's one of my pet peeves, insta-love, and while this wasn't the case in Forbidden Surrender, it was very close to it and enough to make my eyes cross.

Vincent is an adrenaline junkie and a billionare, chasing adventures and women without committing, but when Kristen says no to him the first time, he wants her even more. He was likeable, a very hot alpha-male but very cliché, as was the book. Kristen may not have been a blushing and stuttering mess, but she was a good enough girl who said no to a bad boy, making him want her even more and they soon fall in love with each other.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed this book. The writing was great and the smut was even better. While I didn't necessarily love Vincent and Kristens fast-moving relationship, I can't deny the chemistry between them or the panty-melting scenes it lead to.

If you want a fast-paced, short and steamy book about a hot adrenaline junkie billionaire, then Forbidden Surrender is for you.


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