Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ARC Review: Eluded by Lyra Parish

Title: Eluded
Author: Lyra Parish
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication: July 28th 2014

Summary (Goodreads):
Lives intersect only to be changed indefinitely... 

This isn't your typical girl meets boy.There isn't a glass slipper or Prince Charming.I've lived it and now it will be told.Welcome to my personal hell...

Derrick I once saved lives and now... I so easily end them.Women are drawn to me like a moth to the flame, and like the moth not all of them continue on. Some are broken, others are damaged, and a few never make it out... but it's their decision to live. Only they often don't know that until it's too late.
F*ck the rules, I create my own in a world where I have nothing left to lose. Living is a game, and I'm the reigning champion by being stronger and smarter than my prey.
This is your warning. If you radiate vulnerability... Well, you could be my next victim. Don't try to hide. I'm not easily eluded.

Abbot It started with me and now it will end with me.Some people call me an uncontrollable killing monster. I f*cking laugh at the mention of the word.Monsters have no control.I've got plenty.I don't kill without reason. I don't kill the innocent.I hunt the ones that deserve it, the real monsters, the ones without regret or a soul. 

My Thoughts:

**An eARC was provided in exchange of an honest review**
**Contains spoilers**

I'm constantly on the look-out for new dark romance books. This genre is my favorite and as soon as I see a book that is remotely dark, I have to read it. Imagine my reaction when I saw this book and read the blurb. I was already clicking on it, adding it to my TBR-list and requesting a copy fore I had read the whole synopsis. When I got a copy, I was over the moon happy and couldn't wait to read it. I mean, we have not just one but two anti-heroes that sound darker and more twisted than the other, so of course I'll be all over this book.

It started out good enough. I liked where the book was headed and and I was enjoying it, until we hit about 25-30% and things went down hill from there. Lauren gets kidnapped by Derrick, who is kind of Abbots rival and is trying to take over London from him. She is put in a cage with another woman, Sophie who's been there for a long time and who Derrick is trying to break for some reason. Abbot is trying to get back all the taken woman and return them to their families, including Lauren whom he met a few times before her kidnapping.

Things didn't make sense then. Lauren's reaction during her captivity didn't feel genuine or real and totally not how I imagine a kidnapped woman would react. She immediately knows to make Derrick believe she has feelings for him so he won't kill her, and Sophie who's been there for a long time, seems to go along with the plan to pretend to like him too when just a few days ago she was so not team Derrick. And the fact that he seemed to believe them was mind boggling. He's supposed to be this badass guy who kills and rapes and destroys very easily, yet he believed two women he kidnapped, raped and constantly humiliated would fall in love with him in the span of a few days. The fact that she didn't react to Abbots involvement in the whole thing when she thought he was a normal guy before and didn't question him was another thing that had me shake my head and just stare at the screen of my iPad in wonder.

Then there is Abbot. He's supposed to be the good bad guy. He's the leader of the Gang of London, he keeps the streets clean of drugs and kills the bad guys, yet I could not see a difference between him and Derrick, the villain. He killed without mercy and was brutal in everything he did, and most of the things he did where not good. I sometimes favored Derrick over him because at least he didn't pretend to be good, he just was his sick, twisted self and didn't hide it.

Both guys where trying to take down the other without caring about who got in the middle. The whole book pretty much consisted of Abbot striking Derrick who despite the fact that he is supposed to be smart, seemed not so very smart and was easily tricked while Abbot got all the information and took down every guy pretty much by himself and without effort. Not very realistic that one guy, no matter how badass he was, could take down about a dozen men armed with guns while he only had a knife. It had me rolling my eyes and sighing. I was just trudging along by that point and waiting for something to happen to the story aside from the back and forth between the two leaders. When their war was finally over, I did not see a difference. Things didn't go anywhere and no developments were made. There where a lot of plot holes, like the whole Sophie situation and how she made it all this way and time and what really happened to her, and the whole thing with Abbot and Lauren and their epic love. They only met two, maybe three times before her kidnapping, and then even less after that, yet they seemed so in love with each other that it did not make sense and had me wondering when it happened.
All in all, Eluded is not a book I would recommend. While I like the idea of it, I don't like how it's done.


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