Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blog Tour: Master Over You by Ethan Winters and Cerys du Lys (Excerpt + Giveaway)

Hi guys! I'm happy to be part of the blog tour for Master Over You by Ethan Winters and Cerys du Lys, a dark romance novel, and we all know just how much I love dark romance books. This tour is hosted by the amazing Xpresso Book Tours and to follow the rest of the stops, check out the schedule here, and don't forget to enter the giveaway below to win amazing prizes! 

Master Over You: A Dark Romance Novel
by Cerys du Lys, Ethan Winters
Publication date:
October 20th 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

There’s a monster in every closet, and I’m in yours

My name is Noah. I’m not a nice person. This isn’t cupcakes and candyland, love.

I’ll take you, break you, and offer you to the highest bidder without a second thought. You’re mine now. It’s business, nothing personal. You wouldn’t understand, and I’m not going to explain it. Sorry, love, you don’t mean a thing to me.

Just know that there’s a monster in every closet, and I’m in yours.

Author Note – This dark romance novel contains themes that may be discomforting to some people. If you are sensitive to depictions of violence, then this book is not recommended for you.

(Ethan Winters official debut release co-authored with USA Today bestselling author Cerys du Lys)

Man’s POV = Ethan, Woman’s POV = Cerys

There is a light at the end of every dark tunnel, no matter how dim it may seem.


This guy is a fucking idiot.  No joke, I don't understand how someone can be like this.  I will never understand it.  He was directed to me by an acquaintance or some shit, and I'm doing them both a favor, but he's got some really fucked up ideas about what kind of business I run.

I read over his email again, probably for the hundredth time.

Noah, he starts, and that's the only sane word he says in the entire thing.

He wants a girl, so we have that part straight.  I only work with women.  Nothing against men, they just don't interest me thatmuch.

Anyways, this guy wants me to find him a girl.  Younger is better.  He says he doesn't care how old she is, but I'm not into that creepy underage shit.  I get that he'd probably like that, but I've got morals and limitations here, as fucked up as that sounds.

It's not just that, though.  Young, alright.  I can find someone that's college-aged easily enough.  Those are usually the easiest girls to deal with, too.  Not enough experience to know any better, so they're easy to capture, and then they fall in love sofucking easily it's sickening.  It's like you just chain them to a wall for a week and after that they'll do anything you say, they'll just get on their knees as soon as you come in, slobber on your cock until you get off, and even thank you for cumming all over their face.

There's more, though.  Young, yes.  College-aged, sure.  On the shorter side, which I had to ask him for clarification about andhe replied with anything under 5' 5".  Got it, I can work with that.  Not overweight, either.  Sure thing, boss.  What's overweight?  He comes back with some arbitrary number that doesn't mean anything.  Under one-hundred-forty pounds.  Weight doesn't mean anything because I can do something about their weight, but it's good to have guidelines like that.  It's easier, too.  If they have restrictions on looks, then you want to know what they'll look like before you go through with the whole process.

Overweight girls are usually really fucking attractive once they've lost even just twenty pounds.  It's kind of fun, too.  When I kidnap one of them and get them in shape, I feel like I'm really making a difference in the world.  Self-esteem, right?  They're easy to control, too.  Show them how fucking hot you've made them and they practically melt at your feet, even after all theother terrible shit you've done to them.  It's real sweet.  Makes me want to pretend I've fallen in love before I send them to their buyer.

I can deal with this guy's requests about age, height, weight.  I asked him about looks and he got back to me that he wanted someone cute.  Cute, sure, what the fuck does that mean?  Give me an example here?  He shows me a picture of some celebrity who somehow hasn't posed nude in a men's magazine yet.  I didn't even know it was possible to find a girl like that.  She's got that sort of heart-shaped face, with a bubbly personality and the cheeks to match.  When she smiles, it makes you want to pinch her cheeks and then fuck her hard.  The innocent type of girl.  A little shy.  Not dumb, but naive.  She might have a lot of book smarts, but she doesn't know anything about reality.  I get it.  I understand the sort of girl he wants, and it shouldn't be too hard to find her, because that's basically every girl in the history of the world.

And her name has to be Chastity White, he says.

What the fuck?  We've gone back and forth about this, and I just do not understand.  I asked him if it has to be White?  Can itbe Chastity Wight?  Same pronunciation.  No, he says.  What about LeBlanc?  Same idea, right?  No, he says.  Does it have to beChastity?  I can do this a lot easier if I've got a few more options for a first name.  I give him suggestions, too.

Purity?  Grace?  Faith?  No, no, no.  Motherfucker.

Look, we can just rename this bitch.  I will give her a new name.  She doesn't need a name.  Her name is literally the least important detail about her.


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Cerys is a USA Today Bestselling Author. She has charted on numerous best sellers and hot new release lists internationally and with multiple books.

Ethan is a gentleman, an author, a lover, and occasionally a rake, a cad, and a dom, but only if you've been good (punishing good girls is more entertaining than punishing the naughty ones). He lives in the Greater Boston area in a small town in New Hampshire where he grew up.

He has a penchant for exploring and traveling, with a passion for the unique and interesting. His interests include reading, exercising, laying on the beach, spanking (good girls), romancing, smiling, going for walks that lead to nowhere, hiking, bondage, and one day he would love to travel to Alaska.

His writing delves into the human experience, with a preference towards a psychological thriller twist. He loves mystery, dark romance, and suspense. While some of his writing may be twisted, he believes in romantic true love, above all things. His books include raw, real emotions, good and bad. He believes there is a light at the end of every dark tunnel, and his writing hopes to encompass that.

He loves happy endings, kissing, and a focus on the ordinary turned extraordinary.


  1. Thanks for being on the tour, Aseel! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this excerpt! Noah is um... quite the character, haha. He's fun, but in a different way :P

    Good luck to everyone in the giveaway, too! <3