Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ARC Review: 53 Letters For My Lover by Laylah Attar

Title: 53 Letters For My Lover
Author: Laylah Attar
Series: 53 Letters For My Lover #1
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication: June 17th 2014 by Pitch73 Publishing

Summary (Goodreads):
This is not your typical love story.It’s not so black and white. Lines are crossed.Walls are smashed. Good becomes bad.Bad becomes very, very good.

Shayda Hijazi—the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect daughter. For thirty-three years, she has played by the rules, swallowing secrets, burying dreams and doing whatever it takes to anchor her family. Shayda Hijazi is about to come face to face with the one thing that can rip it all apart, the one thing her heart has always been denied: Love.

Troy Heathgate—untamed, exhilarating, dangerous—a man who does exactly as he pleases. Life bends to his will. Until he comes across the one thing he would give it all up for, but can never have.

Born on the same day in opposite corners of the world, their lives collide. And nothing is ever the same again.

Spanning three decades, 53 Letters for My Lover is a fiercely sensual, emotional ride to the heart of an epic, forbidden love that defies it all—an intimate exploration of love, loyalty, passion, betrayal, and the human journey for hope, happiness and redemption.

"Sexy, intense fiction isn't afraid to step out of the box." 

Contemporary women's fiction: Ages 18+

My Thoughts: 

**An eARC was provided in exchange of an honest review**

I'm not a huge fan of cheating in books, or in general really, and I tend to steer clear of them. There was something about this book however, that just made me want to read it. Maybe it was the cover, I do love the color red, or maybe it was the promise of an emotional and steamy read. Whatever it was, I'm very happy it made me read this book.

53 Letters For My Lover spans many years and follows the life of Shayda, a married woman and a mom of two who is struggling with feelings for a man who makes her feel alive with a mere touch and a man with a broken soul whom she's shared a life of struggle and pain with.

I loved this book. I absolutely loved it. It was everything I was hoping it would be and more. From the first page and I was already feeling everything Shayda was feeling and going through, her pain, her guilt and her desire. She'd only ever been with one man, and even though he didn't complete her, she didn't want to leave him or cheat on him. She didn't want to turn out like her father and brother, both of whom had cheated and left women with their heart broken behind, but at the same time, she wanted to live, to fly, to soar.

Enter Troy. The guy is hotter than a summer sun on an afternoon and he had a connection and an attraction to Shayda like no other. They'd met years before, and even though nothing major had happened between them more than a few stolen glances and secret heart beats, they never forget each other. But now, after all these years, Troy isn't going to walk away. He's here to take what he wants.

Troy and Shaydas relationship just turned my heart to mush. I was a puddle of goo on the floor the whole time I was reading this book. I couldn't get enough of them together. They understood each other, the chemistry between them burned so hot I couldn't breath. Seriously, this book is so steamy and hot and sexy, and the fact that what they had going on was taboo, made it all the better. All these bottled up emotions and guilt and want made it into an emotional read that I enjoyed very much.

This book was very well written, and the story telling was captivating. I didn't want to stop reading, and I was holding my breath the whole time. There was something however, that I didn't like all that much, and it's the ending. Troy and Shayda went through a lot to be together, lost many years apart and broke a few hearts in the process. What annoyed me and what made the book feel less realistic was how everything wrapped up. Everyone got their HEA, and while I love HEAs, it didn't feel realistic enough. I would've like to see how everything enfolded before jumping a few years in the future to the HEAs.

Nonetheless, 53 Letters For My Lover is an motional and steamy book that will make you cry and swoon and beg for more.


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